Dear Ladies and Gentlemen!

The company “AirScrew” welcomes you. First of all, let us thank You for the interest you showed for our company.

Our company is multisided and constantly improves. We cooperate with different foreign companies of production and trade and commercial organizations, that gives us an opportunity to offer our customers a wide range of services.

Directions of activity:

Industrial air compressors:

  • Stationary oil-injected or oil-free screw compressors with the productivity from 0.48 to 120 м³ per minute.
  • Piston compressors;
  • Centrifugal compressors with the productivity from 25 to 860 m³ per minute.

Compressor preparation and cleaning systems – air dryers of refrigeration and adsorvtion types, main filters etc.;

Shipment of spare parts and consumables for compressors — Atlas Copco, Atmos, Alup, Boge, Worthington, Ingersoll Rand, Gardner Denver, Compair and their analogues from other biggest European manufactures such as:

  • Spare parts and consumables for compressors;
  • Service kit and the kit for major reconstruction.

Lubricant materials: lubricants, oils and lubricant-cooling fluids designed to ensure smooth operation of industrial equipment, hydraulic systems, compressors, gearboxes, internal combusting engines taking into account temperature and technological features of production.

Used equipment – air compressors, air dryers, diesel generators, portable compressors, construction and road equipment, production lines etc.

Rent of equipment (compressors);

Modernization and overhaul of the equipment with NC. Delivery of spare parts and consumables for such equipment;

Construction equipment and road techniques;

Portable compressors;

Diesel and petrol generators stationary and on the chassis, with the power from 2.5 kW to 2264 kW;

Other equipment Refrigerating systems (chillers), Air blowers, Pumps;

Painting equipment – Painting and paint-drying boxes and cabs, abrasive equipment, paint-delivery tank etc.;

Electro technical equipment and materials

The direction “Industrial automatics and drive equipment from Danfoss Company”:

  • Industrial valves (electromagnetic, pneumatic, thermostatic etc.)
  • Sensors, relays of pressure and temperature, transducers of temperature;
  • Switchers and electric motor starters
  • Variable speed drivers
  • Constant voltage regulators
  • Motor reducers Bauer
  • Harmonic filters
  • Electrical boards and cabinet units installation
  • Controllers programming.


Our services:

  • Construction and project activities “turnkey”;
  • Installation and commissioning;
  • Automation;
  • Modernization of equipment with NC
  • Reconstruction of NC systems, electric drives, measuring systems;
  • Anticorrosive activities;
  • Service and technical maintenance:
  • Legal and customs clearance services.


The area of application:

Petrol processing plants, Chemical plants, Construction and road companies, Water supply, Processing plants, Production and processing of plastic materials. Shipbuilding and repair; Automobile, railway and air means of transportation; Housing and communal services; Service industry.

Industries: Electric power, Chemical and petrochemical industry, Engineering and metalworking industry, Construction and mining industry, Forestry, woodworking, pulp and paper industry, Construction materials, Glass and porcelain industry, Medical industry, Black and Color metallurgy and other industrial productions.


What we can offer for our customers:

  • Products and service of highest quality;
  • Suitable prices;
  • Discounts, delays and bill of credit;
  • The opportunity to buy directly from the warehouse from Europe;
  • Legal and customs support;
  • Efficient execution and delivery.


Our advantages:

  • Professional knowledge and backgrounds – dozens invented and implemented projects
  • High level of service – we are always work for the customer
  • The best balance of price and quality
  • Dynamism and flexibility


The company “AirScrew” is always available for an effective and mutually rewarding cooperation.

We really appreciate your choice.